Friday, September 2, 2011


Sinoć smo u klubu Gavez na beogradskoj Adi Ciganliji predstavili bratski kolektiv Volatile Works iz Montreala, što je u Kvebeku, a Kvebek je još uvek u Kanadi, pa je red i da na blogu predstavimo rad ove nama vrlo bliske i slične filmske družine s kojom volimo jesti, piti i francuski govoriti.

Volatile Works is a five member film and new media art collective in Montreal, Quebec established in 2003. They produce works in diverse mediums, genres, and styles, with an emphasis on do-it-yourself forms of production. Their works have appeared in over 150 film and new media art festivals in over 50 countries. The collective organizes regular short film screenings, and has collaborated with other collectives and musicians on community-based screenings, workshops in activist video, 16 mm & Super-8 projections, and music videos.
"Unlike some collective experiments where communitarism swallows all individuality, Volatile Works is composed of five very strong and distinct signatures, from Witcaky's experimental films that cross avant-garde accents with surrealism, to DeGiglio-Bellemare's B-movie and horror film explorations seasoned with agitprop perspectives, to Pomgrenade's anti-militarism and politically engaged cinema."
-- Domique Dugas, La Revue de la Cinémathèque Québécoise (Sept-Dec. 2007) 

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